Welcome to Winning Strides Counseling Services

Welcome to Winning Strides Counseling Services

Welcome to Winning Strides Counseling ServicesWelcome to Winning Strides Counseling ServicesWelcome to Winning Strides Counseling Services

What We Do

Family counseling

Healing and Growth

Winning Strides provides experiential mental health services, as well as growth and learning groups.   Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) is appropriate  with children, adolescents, families and groups. With EAP, sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of the client using one or more horses to accomplish a specific goal.  

School counselors experience equine assisteed learning

Why Horses?

Anyone who has ever worked with horses knows the bond between horses and  humans is a very special one.  Winning Strides uses horses to help people: 

  • Be more confident
  • Use creative thinking
  • Be more responsible
  • Overcome fears
  • Make wise decisions
  • Problem solve
  • Communicate effectively
  • Become a leader
  • Practice team building 

Horse and Harp

Our Services

Individual and Group Counseling

Educational Programs

Supervision for Licensure

Continuing Education

Corporate Team Development

Retreats in Partnership with other Organizations

 Stable Moments®  Mentoring Program

Services at Winning Strides

Individual and Group Counseling

 Your reactions to the horses, and the horses' reaction to you can help demonstrate obstacles in relationships, thought patterns, and goal setting. You may  discover novel and more effective solutions to the challenges you face in life. Traditional office therapy is also available.  

[Satellite  office located in Dublin, GA 31021 - traditional therapy only]

Educational Programs

  At Winning Strides, your students will experience a unique and brand new curriculum entitled, Head ‘em Up, Move ‘em Out! The program is designed to enhance their learning styles, reduce stress, and create more positive relationships in the classroom. The Head ‘em Up, Move ’em Out Curriculum produced positive behavior changes when students at a local elementary school completed the 18-week program.    


 Supervision is available for qualified Licensed Professional Counselor applicants. Individual as well as group supervision is available with a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor.

If you have completed your graduation  and want to begin work on your licensure requirements, please call for more information.  

Supervision sessions are most often


Continuing Education

Workshops and clinics are scheduled throughout the year.  All Continuing Education hours are approved by the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia.  Topics in the past have included:  

 Healing Families with Medically Fragile Children 
Sexual Ethics in Therapy 
Back to the Basics of Business
Harnessing the Power of the Horse in Your Private Practice 

Corporate Team Building

  Winning Strides offers corporate team development, customized in collaboration with your organization to meet your goals and needs.  Our facility has a warm and friendly atmosphere, with great room and fire place to relax and debrief the arena activities with the horses.  Whether it is staff development, corporate leadership, or a personal growth workshop, Winning Strides most often uses the Eagala model of facilitation by team approach with a mental health professional and an equine specialist. 

Strategic Partnerships

Winning Strides partners with some non-profit organizations such as Horse & Harp and Stride Ahead to provide services to clients and groups at a reduced cost or no cost.  In addition, Winning Strides serves as a venue to Equestrian Connection retreats for patients of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Coming January, 2020 - Stable Moments® Mentoring Program

Additional Information

 Mission: Improving the life course of foster and adopted children who have experienced early developmental trauma.

Strategy: We achieve this by developing life skills through equine-assisted learning and community mentorship.

 Rationale:There are over 400,000 children in the U.S. care system without a permanent place to live. Most if not all of these children have experienced trauma, significantly affecting their human development and the way they interact in their home, school and community. There is a high need for foster placements but just placing these children and simply containing them is not enough. Without therapeutic intervention, these children are likely to age out of foster care and are at a high-risk of becoming incarcerated, pregnant, addicted to drugs or dependent on state benefits. These children often repeat the cycle of their own parents and we see their children enter the system as well.

Ending this treacherous cycle begins with each individual child. Meeting him where he is at by understanding his experience and helping him develop his self-worth, sense of purpose, decision-making abilities, executive functioning and self-regulation skills.

 Research suggests that the most influential element in achieving success with children in foster care is a consistent, enduring relationship with a healthy role model. Using a mentorship program in conjunction with equine-assisted learning (EAL) is the ideal match for this population.

There are many correlations between natural horsemanship and effective therapeutic intervention with children who have survived with trauma. Both teach the importance of relationship with an emphasis on building strengths and rewarding positive behavior. Both recognize that negative behavior is often caused by survival mentality and confusion about one’s role in the relationship. Bringing horses and these children together in a one-on-one mentorship program allows the child to build life skills that will aid him in transitioning to a healthy adulthood. +++

Look for our newsletter announcements in the coming months calling for volunteer mentor applications.

Parents of foster or adoptive children are encouraged to call 770-776-8446 for more information.

Stable Moments mentoring with horses

Stable Moments mentoring with horses

Six Continuing Education Workshops for 2020

Equine assisted learning group

Using a Little Horse Sense to Keep on the Ethics Trail (May 15, 2020)

Trauma Focused CBT for Kids - Adding Horsepower (April 3, 2020)

The Healing Power of Horses and Harp Music

Supervising a School Counselor's Journey to Licensure

The Power of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Using Horses to Help Heal Families with Medically Fragile Children

 More information will be published as workshops are approved for Licensure renewal hours.  Please email us to express your specific interest in the topics.  All workshops are held at the farm and our equine friends help make the workshops fun and engaging. 

Combining TF-CBT and EAP

Trauma Focused CBT for Kids - Adding Horsepower

6 Core Hours approved by LPCA (#8669-20)

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is uniquely blended with evidence based TF-CBT for treating childhood trauma.  Come and learn about the power of horses assisting in the healing and moving forward from traumatic events.

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Colts and Fillies - EAL for children

Available Resources

Colts and Fillies


($5.00 shipping)

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NEW FORMAT - USB Drive with "Consumer's Guide"  Template Marketing Tool

 Colts and Fillies is an easy-to-use manual for use with young children. Using the EAGALA model, the mental health professional and/or the equine specialist can manage (design) sessions with everything at their fingertips. Organizational tips and "how to make" materials are included. Reproducible pages provide immediate resources.   The manual can be a life saver for impromptu EAP/EAL sessions or it can be used to formulate a series of sessions. The activities can be used for individual and group therapy, learning groups, residential treatment centers, summer camps, day clinics. They can also be adapted for adult equine assisted sessions.   Colts and Fillies is a "must have" resource for your library. 

Head 'em Up Equine Assisted Learning for School Counselors

Head 'em up, Move 'em out!


($10.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

  Head  'em Up!  Move 'em Out!  helps school counselors, mental health professionals, and equine specialists develop strategic partnerships to organize a school equine assisted learning program.  An 18-week curriculum is provided using the themes:  Cowboy Words of Wisdom, Horse Power in TeamWork, and Winning Strides to Resiliency.  Activities focus on respect, responsibility, friendship, communication, problem solving, managing stress, and having a positive outlook.  Evaluation techniques,  handouts, and tips for a successful program are provided.  

Free Download

Click on the file to download.  For best results - print the document as a brochure.  Print on both sides, flipping on the short edge, and fold in the middle. 

Meet the Staff

Susan Jung, M.Ed., Ed.S

Susan Jung Licensed Professional Counselor

Susan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor. She was an elementary counselor for 30+ years and an avid horsewoman since early childhood.  Susan is Eagala certified and fulfills the role of Mental Health professional in Eagala model sessions.


Horse likes hanging out with people

Dandy is a 25 year old Tennessee Walking Horse.  She was one of Susan's favorite show horses.  She is a kind, sensitive mare who loves hanging out with people.  Dandy is the mother of Dustin.


Horse that likes fun

Dustin is a 19 year old Tennessee Walking Horse who loves to play and have fun.  He has a particular liking for harp music!


Nick is the best pony in the world

Nick is a 25+ year Shetland/Halflinger.  He has been described as "the best pony in the world."  He is intuitive and often shows clients the solutions to their problems.  Kids particularly love Nick because of his size.


Duck used for equine assisted therapy

Duck is a 33 year old Tennessee Walker who has a long show career.  In addition to showing, he was Susan's favorite trail horse because of his size and his enthusiasm for adventure.

Anne Preston, Pam Smith, and Chris Lobkowicz

Stride Ahead

These ladies comprise the Stride Ahead team of equine specialists.  They are well trained in the Eagala Model, Parelli, Therapeutic Riding, and Natural Lifemanship.

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Susan Jung, M.Ed., Ed.S

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor

Eagala Certified


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